WRO UK 2022 Summer Camp

1 August – 8 August

Price: From £240/ week
Age: 8 – 12
Skill Level: Beginner – Advanced
Format: Virtual WRO Camps | Small Group, Online
Duration: Weeklong program, 2 hours per day

About This Camp

WRO Beginners Summer Camp

Who is this camp for? Students, ages 8 – 12, who do not have any coding or robotics experience
Camp dates: 1 August – 8 August
Camp times: 3pm – 5pm (Recorded sessions are available if you cannot make the time)
Camp format:
Students will get the full 8 day summer camp, learning the fundamentals of coding on the first 3 days. After that, they are ready to join the students from the Advanced Summer camp. Students will learn the fundamentals of robotics, from motors to sensors. 

WRO Advanced Summer Camp

Who is this camp for? Students, ages 8 – 12, who have some coding or robotics experience
Camp dates: 4 August – 8 August
Camp times: 3pm – 5pm (Recorded sessions are available if you cannot make the time)
Camp format:
With the fundamentals of coding already under their belt, students will dive straight into learning about robotics. Starting on Day 4 (4 Aug) of the camp and skipping the first 3 days. Students will learn the fundamentals of robotics, from motors to sensors. 

We want to support you on your World Robot Olympiad (WRO) journey. Our WRO UK 2022 Summer Camp will give you the fundamental skills to create your own WRO winning robot! In this virtual Summer Camp students be introduce to coding and robotics through the Virtual LEGO EV3 space. So not worry if you do not have the hardware!

The Summer Camp that suits your skill level. We have a summer camp for you regardless if this is your first robotics project or if you are a seasoned pro! Choose from two options, the Beginners Camp, where we cover the fundamentals of coding and basic robotics. Or the Advanced Camp, where we dive straight into robotics and explore all the features within your LEGO EV3 kit. 

Don’t cut your holiday short, we have you covered! Ultimate flexibility when joining our Summer Camp, you can choose to join our LIVE sessions, access our Recorded sessions or do a bit of both. At our LIVE sessions will get to collaborate, meet new friends and be able to immediately trouble shoot any issue. However, if you are away on Holiday during part of or all of our LIVE sessions, you can opt for our Recorded sessions to catch up or review the topics covered at your own pace. 

Your Summer Camp Schedule

Variables, Arrays, IF Statements, Inputs, Functions and Loops

In the first 3 days of our Beginners Camp students will get a crash course on the fundamentals of coding. These are the essential skills a students would need to not only create a WRO robot, but also programming and problem solving.

Training on Virtual LEGO EV3 space and movement

Students will navigate the Virtual LEGO EV3 space interface and learn how to create a basic robot that can be manoeuvre around the WRO game table.

Sensors and Inputs

As they progress, students will add in sensors onto their robot, such as optical and line sensors.

Line tracing and Actions

Combining their new skills, students will program basic movement for the robot in the Virtual LEGO EV3 space. This will include lifting and moving game items to complete WRO game tasks or to be included in your robot project!

Building a Robot and navigations

To refine their robots, students will code different functions to help it navigate the WRO game table by utilising the coding fundamentals they’ve learned and the different sensors and motors they’ve learnt to program. 

Improvements and troubleshooting

To conclude the 8 day summer camp, students will be able to show off their robots and do test runs on the WRO game tables. During that process, they can evaluate their robot, trouble shoot and make improvements to it.

For WRO UK 2022 RoboBrain will be hosting 4 game categories! RoboMission, Future Innovators, Future Engineers and Mini WRO UK! The WRO UK competitions will be held mid-September 2022. The game rules for RoboMission, Future Innovators and Future Engineers will be similar to the WRO Internationals, the winners of these categories will be able to advance into the WRO International Final in November. 

RoboFriends is a UK specific entry level competition designed to give students an opportunity to experience the world of coding and robotics. The RoboFriends UK category will not be part of the WRO International Finals.

We know the changes in the 2022 WRO season may be challenging and that is why we are hosting a series of  webinars to provide you with everything you need to know about the WRO competitions! 

The next webinar will be on 4 July , 2022 from 5pm – 6pm. Places are limited, so sign up soon!

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