Why is Computing Important for 21st-Century Children?

As the world goes through a lockdown, one thing that hasn’t been disrupted, but has actually become more valuable than ever, is the Internet. This boulder of boredom falls a bit harder on parents as they take care of not only their own but their kid/s’ boredom too. If you are one such parent, you’re about to be introduced to a cutting-edge solution to your problem. Increasingly gaining popularity, it may have crossed your mind already, but if it has not, here it is — CODING!

Yes, this challenging period, is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your children to the world of coding, robotics and computational thinking which is an immensely treasured ability to have in the 21st century. Now, you may wonder why is coding important? Or is it worth it. Read on to be enlightened, as it absolutely is!

Coding and computational thinking in general makes the use of computers and software possible and has been the driving force behind innovation in almost every industry and field of study. From the abacus to today’s smartphones and self-driving cars, computing has drastically altered the world we live in. Ways of thinking, problem solving and creating through the use of computing have become invaluable parts of life. Computational thinking as a discipline involves a lot more than just coding, it enables children to build and gain skills such as communication, collaboration and problem solving which are incredibly important soft skills.

Studying the fundamentals of coding encourages children to learn new skills, encourages them to be active creators and allows for the growth of pattern recognition, critical thinking and many other skills which are highly transferrable to multiple other disciplines such as project management and engineering. Learning to code can therefore greatly aid children in becoming successful architects of their future. This can be done through the studying of a visual, game-based curriculum that places the emphasis on the logic behind the code. This is exactly the type of curriculum RoboBrain has established and continues to develop. There is no better time to introduce your child into the world of coding, robotics and computational thinking, than today. Stay safe, stay home, study online with RoboBrain!