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Students can expect interactive and engaging coding & robotics lessons and a curriculum which focuses on computational thinking, logic and the fundamentals of computation.


We provide a unique curriculum designed by University Professors. All our teachers are experts in the field with many years of experience teaching computer science in UK public schools.


Parents can expect clear communication with the RoboBrain team, through WhatsApp and with an email after every lesson detailing the topics covered and an explanation of the lesson's homework.

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Build, Program and Explore!

Mars Rover Course

  • Build a Robot inspired by Nasa's Mars Rover
  • Learn to program it using Python over 10 or 20 lessons
  • Classes available after school and at the weekend
  • One 90 minute lesson per week with an expert teacher
  • For ages 11 and over with 4 to 6 students per class
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Mini Coders

The journey starts for Mini Coders with the basic coding concepts of variables, arrays, boolean values, sequential executions, choices, loops trees and ciphers, plus much more, through visual problems and activities.

Skills Learned

  • Fundamentals Coding Concepts
  • Problem Solving
  • Computational Thinking

Course Info

  • 6 - 8 year olds
  • 6 Level Structure
  • Each Level is 10 Teacher led Lessons
  • 1 Hour Lesson Per Week
  • Groups up to 6 Students

Junior Coders

Junior coders will learn the coding concepts of arithmetic operations, inputs and outputs, boolean values and operations, conditionals and for-loops, plus much more, while using the Python programming language.

Skills Learned

  • Python Programming Language
  • Problem Solving
  • Computational Thinking

Course Info

  • 9+ year olds
  • 6 Level Structure
  • Each Level is 10 Teacher led Lessons
  • 90 Min Lesson Per Week
  • Groups up to 6 Students

Distance Learning

How does it work?

  • An interactive online classroom using Zoom
  • Digital assignments using the Seesaw app
  • After each lesson you'll receive a summary email
  • Direct communication through WhatsApp
  • The freedom to pick the right level for your child

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A dream come true

Creating a clear path to coding confidence

Inspired by the parents of two curious, headstrong boys and designed by Professors at top UK universities such as Oxford and the University of London, RoboBrain’s curriculum is like no other.

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  • Monday 5pm Mini Coders 6-8 yrs
  • Tuesday 5pm Junior Coders 9+ yrs
  • Thursday 5pm Mini Coders 6-8 yrs
  • Wednesday 5pm Junior Coders 9+ yrs

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