Online Coding and Robotics
Courses for Kids

We don't just teach coding.
We teach computational thinking.


Students can expect interactive and engaging coding & robotics lessons and a curriculum which focuses on computational thinking, logic and the fundamentals of computation.


We provide a unique curriculum designed by University Professors. All our teachers are experts in the field with many years of experience teaching computer science in UK public schools.


Parents can expect clear communication with the RoboBrain team, with an email after every lesson detailing the topics covered and an explanation of the lesson's homework.

Now Offering a 1hr Taster Lesson for £2.99

How Does it Work?

All of our lessons are hosted on this video conferencing application. It allows the teacher to share their screen and annotate on the course materials when needed. It also allows for students to be grouped together so that they can collaborate on particular tasks.


Seesaw is an application that allows teachers to send activities to students to do themselves. This is how we send out and receive homework. It has many tools, but manily it enables students to write and draw on their homework without the need to print anything.


The Brains Behind RoboBrain

Dr. Aric Whitewood

Honorary Associate Professor at University College London

JiaJia Wang

Business Development
Founder of Innovo Global, an investment management firm

Dr. Tina Han

Lecturer in Computer Science at BirkBeck College, UCL.

Now Offering a 1hr Taster Lesson for £2.99

Our Most Popular Courses

Mini Coders Level 1

This course is designed for our youngest students (6-8)
£ 15 Per 1 hour class
  • The journey starts with the basic concepts
  • Variables, arrays, boolean values, sequential executions, loops and lots more
  • Solve Problems using Computational Thinking skills
  • Course runs for 10 weekly 1 hour sessions

Junior Coders Level 1

This course is designed for students from Year 3 (9+)
£ 24 Per 1.5 hour class
  • Learn and solve problems using the Python language
  • Fundamentals of computation concepts, while learning the syntax of Python
  • Connects coding with real life problems
  • Course runs for 10 weekly 1.5 hour sessions

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Taster Lesson Schedule

  • Monday 11am Junior Coders 9+ yrs
  • Monday 4pm Mini Coders 6-8 yrs
  • Thursday 11am Mini Coders 6-8 yrs
  • Thursday 4pm Junior Coders 9+ yrs
  • Saturday 4pm Mini Coders 6-8 yrs

Parents love what we do

Mr. Daniel Szucs

Our son has been learning with Robobrain for over 1 year now, since the age of 4. In the modern world IT and programming concepts have become a key subject for kids to learn, yet there has been up to now few resources easily accessible to young kids. We were relieved to find this course which was was set up by professionals in the field. Working with technology myself I can confirm they have been covering all they key principles e.g. variables, arrays, programming logic, set theory, binary trees and keeping it fun, as holding young kids attention can be a challenge. Highly recommended!

Dr. Shuai Yuan

I deeply appreciate the journey RoboBrain has taken through my 7-year old son in the past 6 months. As a technical professional working in data science and AI, I value logical thinking and programming capabilities especially for the next generation. After class, there’re excellent materials for review and interaction with parents. I’ve found the topics engaging and depth suitable. I’m particularly fascinated to see my son grow his interest in the subject, spend hours working on challenges, and use the knowledge like parallelism in task planning in everyday life. I’d highly recommend RoboBrain to all parents.

Now Offering a 1hr Taster Lesson for £2.99