Lego WeDo/EV3
WRO Courses

Our Robotics courses teach children the knowledge necessary to create, build and program robots to serve human society.

Our curriculum encourages children to create their own solution, while making links to many different subjects, such as History, Geology, Humanity, Current Affairs, Maths, Physics and Engineering, etc.

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Build Your Own Robot

Robots are used everywhere, from fire detection to automatic delivery. Children will have the opportunity to learn how to build a fully functional robot that solves a particular real world problem.

They will need to research and plan their design with guidance from our experts. They will then fabricate and test their design in the field.

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World Robot Olympiad (LEGO WeDo & EV3 Courses)

Build Your Own Robot

Now Offering a 1hr Coding Taster Lesson for £2.99

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