Free Public Lessons

Free Public Lessons

We want every child to experience the benefits of our online courses where they will learn how to problem solve using computational thinking and code in ways that will hold their interest and ignite their imagination.

Holiday Season Public Lesson

31 October, 2021 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Dates to be confirmed

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Past Public Lessons:

RoboBrain Halloween Open Lesson

Students will learn the fundamentals of coding by building a spooktacular Halloween game which they can download and keep after the lesson has finished.

RoboBrain Public Lesson 3 - Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Aric Whitewood in conversation with young learners on Artificial Intelligence

RoboBrain’s Public Lesson 4: Making Fun Games with Young Learners

Daniel Richardson, Head of Curriculum Development at RoboBrain: Making Fun Games with Young Learners

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