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Running a Robobrain franchise is not only fun but rewarding. We believe all children should have the opportunity to develop their problem solving skills and be better prepared for a future where humans and machines work even closer together.

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The franchise model enables entrepreneurs to run a Robobrain branch locally, providing a valuable service to their community, but also one based on a proven business model, and a rapidly expanding sector. The Educational Software market is forecast to grow to more than 8 billion dollars in size by 2023.

Computing Knowledge is NOT required
Our easy to follow curriculum and its focus on computational thinking means no requirement for computation knowledge.
Modular Curriculum
One or more curriculum concepts or modules can be taught per lesson, and they can be delivered in different order
Unlimited Support
A dedicated team of franchising experts will support you through out the whole journey
Begin the Journey
How to become a franchisee

RoboBrain’s well established framework allows our partners onboard easy and fast.

An integrated course and student management system, together with classroom ready RoboBrain teaching sets, allows our entrepreneurs join the programme stress free.

RoboBrain community supports all our franchisees, from teacher training to whole centre management. 

Step 1 - Validation

Conversations will be held after you made your first contact with RoboBrain team. A number of meetings (telephone and in-person) will be held to discuss your business experience, the perspective geographic coverage, as well as RoboBrain’s approach and methodology.

Step 2 - Discovery

After our initial conversations, qualified candidates are invited to meet the team and see inside RoboBrain. You will have the opportunity to observe daily operations of a RoboBrain centre and also to sit in one of RoboBrain classrooms to experience our state-of-art curriculum. 

Step 3 - Grand Opening!

On boarding process is made as easy as possible, to allow you invest most of your time on other important things. Each new centre will have 50 hours training credit, for teachers and staff. 

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Your child will have the opportunity to learn and do sample exercises. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have and after the lesson you will receive a course level recommendation for your child.

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