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Free Taster Lessons

RoboBrain Free Taster Lessons are not a strict evaluation. There would not be a formal test or a score provided during the Free Taster Lesson. However, during the lesson, the RoboBrain teacher could assess and suggest the appropriate RoboBrain level and course for your child.

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You can book through visiting our website: , click the ‘Free Taster Lesson’ button and fill out the proceeding forms. The booking times available will depend on the age of your child. You can also book a Free Taster Lesson through emailing us at or by adding RoboBrain on WhatsApp (+44 7312 051 800) and one of our team will take of you.

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Generally there is no need for a child to do more than one Free Taster Lesson. If there is a need, such as, we feel your child should also try out one of our other courses, then we will offer a second taster lesson. Unless, such a situation arises, each child will receive one Free Taster Lesson.

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There is no guarantee that your Free Taster Lesson teacher will go on to teach your child during their course. It is very much dependent on availability, both the student’s and the teacher’s.

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Your child will have the opportunity to learn and do sample exercises from our curriculum with one our fantastic teachers. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have. Free Taster lessons last 30-45 minutes and take place on online via Zoom.

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You will need a device, such as a tablet, laptop or desktop that is capable of using Zoom. Zoom is a video conferencing application, and where our lessons take place online. You can download it here: or visit your app store. You will recieve the Zoom link and password for your Free Taster Lesson after booking.

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Free Taster Lesson

Your child will have the opportunity to learn and do sample exercises. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have and after the lesson you will receive a course level recommendation for your child.

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