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The curriculum gives students an appreciation for the strengths and limitations of machine intelligence. ​ The steps correspond to pseudo commands, for advanced levels, we go into detailed code. The code is an expression of their knowledge. We give them the fundamentals to build with. ​ The curriculum covers core computation concepts with teaching aids, pictures, games and repetition. Teaching aids are all tangible materials including robots where the students directly programme it to receive feedback.
Teach AI, Robotics and Technology from an early age.​ We teach children to solve problems in discrete steps. In so doing, we teach them the fundamentals of algorithm design. ​ A combination of effective and intuitive explanation of the core concepts together with practice in the form of problem solving. In order to do so, the concepts need to be tailored based on the age range and abilities of the students.
We believe that children need to be prepared for this future. The core skill of a human being is to be able to solve problems using logical approaches.​ Children learn most efficiently by doing. The screen time of younger students should be limited. As they get older, the screen time can be gradually increased. We however still want the children to go through a variety of exercises, some on the screen and some tangible, to reinforce the concepts. ​
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