RoboBrain GCSE Course

The primary aim of this course is to help students prepare for their GCSE or iGCSE exams. Especially with the recent 2021 GCSE Computer Science revision. Find out more about the course below!

What GCSE Computer Science Revision?

2021 marks the start of the GCSE Computer Science revision. The major change from the revision is that school projects will no longer count towards a students GCSE Computer Science score. This change has significantly increased the difficulty level of the GCSE Computer Science exam. Alongside only 3.7% of students achieving grade 9 in the GCSE Computer Science exams, it is evident that students would benefit from additional lessons that strengthens their fundamental understanding of Computer Science.

That is why RoboBrain is excited to introduce our new GCSE Course! The RoboBrain GCSE course is a python based course that aims to cover the entire AQA GCSE Computer Science Curriculum.