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Quick Guide: Loggin ginto the RoboBrain Learning Centre

You can log into the RoboBrain Learning Centre by using the link:

If you do not know your RoboBrain Learning Centre login, please kindly contact us here

Quick Guide: Finding your child's course on the RoboBrain
Learning Centre

Once you have logged into your account, you can then access your child's courses through the gear wheel icon on the top right or by clicking your child's course on your Dashboard.

Once you are on your child's course page, you can then access the additional learning material for your child's course! This may include the homework, an interactive quiz or a lesson summary video. 

Inside your child's course page is where you will find the new Go To Lesson  button. Just by clicking the new Go To Lesson button, you could launch your child's Virtual Classroom to start their online lesson!

To use the new Go To Lesson  button, it would work best when using a PC computer and Chrome as the internet browser. However, there is no restrictions on what device or internet browser you use to start your lesson.