5 Benefits Of Learning To Code And Programme Robots For Kids

It’s no secret that we have to prepare our children for a digital first-future in which they will need to learn how to effectively design, develop and communicate with digital technology. What’s less well known, is the additional benefits that can be gained when children are taught to code. These include mathematical problem-solving, critical thinking, social skills, self-management and academic skills.* 

To celebrate National Coding week, RoboBrain Academy are taking a reflective look at the benefits children get from learning to code and programme using robotics.

1. Collaborative Working: Few fields foster teamwork quite like robotics and coding. They’re a fantastic way for children to learn how to work well with others and achieve a common goal or solution to a problem. 

2. Problem Solving: Computational thinking helps builds skills that every child needs, including dealing with complex, persistent and difficult problems, tolerance to ambiguity and the ability to deal with open ended problems.

3. Creativity: Learning to code empowers children by allowing them to start producing digital technology rather than just being consumers of it.

4. Communication: Another vital life skill which allows children to break down and solve complex problems by working with others and technology.

5. Logical Thinking: A requirement of coding robots, this also allows children to start to avoid problems by anticipating them in advance. This gives them a huge advantage over their peers.

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* Evidenced in the paper, ‘Learning to code or coding to learn? A systematic review’ by Shahira Popat, Louise Starkey. Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Please click here for more details.

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