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RoboBrain Autumn Term

RoboBrain's Autumn Term Courses provides you with the perfect afterschool or weekend course as you get back to school. Check out the options below!

September is coming up and schools are starting soon again. RoboBrain's Autumn Term Courses provides you with the perfect afterschool or weekend course as you get back to school! These courses are designed to promote problem solving using computational thinking skills. Check out the options below!

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Inspired by the parents of two curious, headstrong boys and designed by Professors at top UK universities such as Oxford and the University of London, RoboBrain’s curriculum is like no other.

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Coding For Children – Learn Coding & Robotics

RoboBrain’s Coding, and Robotics courses provide a clear and progressive path for young children to build an advanced skillset. Beginning at age 6, our courses give them the skills they need for the future. As students progress through our curriculum, they build upon the knowledge they have gained previously, going deeper into each concept.

As the complexity increases, the focus of each course shifts, from Computational Thinking to more applied subjects, and then on to coding using Python with a focus on Object Orientated and Domain Specific Programming.

Currently we offer four online coding courses for children.

Tiny Solvers is a course that aims to enhance the problem solving and logical thinking of children aged 6 to 8 years old. It achieves this through transforming Computational Thinking concepts into ideas, images and tasks that they can understand.

Mini Coders for 8 to 10 year old children is special as it combines programming in the EduBlocks block coding application with programming in, and learning the syntax of, the Python programming language.

Junior Coders is for 10 to 12 year old children and aims to turn young learners into advanced programmers. Whilst continuing to grow their problem-solving skills, they will focus more on the syntax of Python and Applied Programming.

Senior Coders is for young learners, 12 years and older. Senior Coders is an ambitious Python course that includes a significant amount of Object Orientated Programming and Domain Specific Programming.

RoboBrain also offers many Robotics courses. We have developed many fantastic Raspberry Pi courses that are unique in that they are able to get children as young as 7 programming with what is actually a very complex device. For children younger than 7 we have some great BBC Micro:bit courses that introduce robotics and programming to young children in a very fun and engaging way.


Free Taster Lesson

Your child will have the opportunity to learn and do sample exercises. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have and after the lesson you will receive a course level recommendation for your child.

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