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Informative, engaging and collaborative lessons take children on a journey exploring solutions to different problems. Both Coding and Robotics courses create the conditions for innovation and invention.

For online lessons, we use technology to facilitate children's learning but the emphasis is on enabling children to solve problems themselves.




Designed for non-specialist teachers, to help them deliver key computational and robotic concepts.

The curriculum is delivered in a box with teaching aids and full instructions. One or more curriculum concepts or modules can be taught per lesson, and they can be delivered in different order, enabling the teacher to fit the curriculum around existing teaching plans.

Our robot teaching aid, Roby, has been designed by robotics and education experts, and integrates seamlessly with our curriculum, supporting the delivery of key concepts.


Empowering Children with Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking is the habit of solving problems in a structured way, breaking down the problems into simple steps, simple enough so that they can be carried out by a computer. 
The main philosophy behind the RoboBrain curriculum is to guide children on how to approach a complex problem, understanding what the problem is and developing possible solutions. Children will then be able to apply this process to their future endeavours.

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Children are naturally curious. RoboBrain makes technology interesting and fun, and above all, not scary for curious little minds

Our approach demystifies computing and places information, data and problem solving at the forefront. 


Computers are a result of and a platform for creativity. In order to encourage new solutions to problems and innovative thinking, we make creativity one of the pillars of our approach. 

Being able to problem solve in a creative way only comes from having a strong foundation in the core principles, hence our emphasis on the foundational aspects of computational thinking. 


The modern workplace is heavily focused on team-working and collaboration.

Being able to problem solve and to contribute as part of a team is a key life skill. Our curriculum and classes emphasises communication and working through problems with others, so nurturing children’s ability in this area. 

Now Offering a 1hr Taster Lesson for £2.99

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Coding & Robotic Lessons

Weekly lessons and holiday camps are running for children in different areas in London

School Curriculum &
Teaching Robots

Learn coding and practice computational thinking skills during classroom activities


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Parents love what we do

Conversations can be a tricky business. Sometimes, decoding what is said with what is meant is difficult at best. However, communication is a necessary tool in todays world.

Mr. Daniel Szucs

Our son has been learning with Robobrain for over 1 year now, since the age of 4. In the modern world IT and programming concepts have become a key subject for kids to learn, yet there has been up to now few resources easily accessible to young kids. We were relieved to find this course which was was set up by professionals in the field. Working with technology myself I can confirm they have been covering all they key principles e.g. variables, arrays, programming logic, set theory, binary trees etc while keeping it fun, as holding young kids attention can be a challenge! Highly recommend

Dr. Shuai Yuan

I deeply appreciate the journey RoboBrain has taken through my 7-year old son in the past 6 months. As a technical professional working in data science and AI, I value logical thinking and programming capabilities especially for the next generation. In class, RoboBrain has offered screen-free lessons on logics, data structures and basic algorithms. After class, there’re excellent materials for review and interaction with parents. I’ve found the topics engaging and depth suitable. I’m particularly fascinated to see my son grow his interest in the subject, spend hours working on challenges, and use the knowledge like parallelism in task planning in everyday life. I’d highly recommend RoboBrain to all parents.

Now Offering a 1hr Taster Lesson for £2.99